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Fire Department

Drill Maintenance

ISRT will sit down with you to develop an on-going training program for your department focusing on skills maintenance, mandated refresher training, and professional development. Once a program of training is agreed upon by your organization, ISRT's staff will ease your training burden by providing all instruction and maintaining your membership's attendance records at the training sessions.

Although classroom lectures will be necessary for some programs, ISRT's philosophy is to provide a "hands-on" training approach. Modules can range from basic fire fighting task competencies to advanced multi-disciplinary technical evolutions involving multiple company responses.

Speciality courses can be integrated into the routine drill sessions to afford members an opportunity to obtain instruction in a more formalized program during the convenience of their normally scheduled training night.

Speciality Programs

ISRT's staff is able to provide a number of speciality programs to enhance your member's professional development. A listing of the more popular programs is provided below. However, should you have an interest in an area of training not mentioned, check with an ISRT professional to assist you with your program needs.

  • Fire department response to CO detector calls
  • Foam applications in emergency response
  • Patient decontamination - field techniques
  • Hazardous Materials - awareness, operations, technician
  • Spill and leak control
  • Support functions at a hazardous materials incident
  • Air monitoring for emergency services
  • Incident Command Systems
  • Managing Company Tactical Operations - Series
  • Multi-disciplinary rescue practices
  • Emergency response to health care facilities

Administrative Support

ISRT provides a variety of administrative services to assist your organization stay in compliance with nationally recognized standards, which allows your membership to focus on its primary mission . . . Saving lives!

Services include:

  • Developing standard operating guides (SOG's)
  • Performing pre-plan assessments with site drawing accompanied by a presentation to your membership
  • Conducting a departmental audit of safety programs including a detailed plan outlining steps to achieving NFPA 1500 compliance
  • Developing local emergency management plans and coordinating a disaster response drill for implementation of your community-wide emergency management plan
  • Personnel development program, including recruitment and retention

Customized services are available. For more information, contact us with your needs.

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