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Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Training, Consulting, and Exercise Services

ISRT can provide you with the services to meet Federal and State requirements.  Specifically, we can assist you with fulfilling Homeland Security and FEMA regulations.  We can provide quality training, consulting, and exercises for reasonable prices.

Programs include:

·       Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Compliant Exercise Planning, Development, and Management

o      Operations Based

§       Full Scale

§       Functional

§       Drill

o      Discussion Based

§       Table Top

§       Seminars

§       Workshops

·       Training and Exercise Planning Workshops

o      Training and Exercise Planning

·       Exercise and Real-World Event After Action Reports

·       After Action Conferences

Our staff is experienced in compliance with:

·        Department of Homeland Security Regulations

o       44 CFR, Homeland Security Grant Program, Urban Areas Security Initiative

·        Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program

ISRT can also assist you with:

  • Fire and EMS training, consulting, and exercises
  • Safety Audits/Program Review

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